Frequently Asked Questions


What are the new features of the 2010 VISTA as compared to the 2009 model?
  • Four seat positions including the new "0" position which allows your child to sit more upright and creates additional space between the back of the toddler seat and the RumbleSeat.
  • Push-on, push-off easy to activate brake system
  • 1.5" taller seat height
  • Added seat cushioning
  • 5-spoke wheel assembly delivers a smoother ride  
  • Push-in aluminum-alloy hub-caps for easier wheel removal
  • Removable, washable bumper bar cover
  • Bumpers to protect the stroller handlebar in the standing folded position
  • Bassinet features an extended, ventilated, SPF 50+ drop-down sunshade – an industry first 

How do I close my VISTA stroller?

Before attempting to fold your VISTA we recommend engaging the brake. Stand behind your stroller. Push in the black tab found ¼ ways down on the inner left side of the frame. At the same time hold the lever in on the telescopic handle. While holding both buttons, extend the handle up and then jab the handle into the stroller at the angle of the frame. Don't worry you won't break it! Be sure not to push down on the handle, as this will not collapse the stroller. If you still have trouble, please call the UPPAbaby corporate customer service number at 339-499-7455 or check out this helpful video:


What are the recline angles for the seat positions on the 2010 and 2009 VISTA?

VISTA Seat Recline Angles:

Position 0 = 15 degrees (New for 2010)

Position 1 = 30 degrees

Position 2 = 45 degrees

Position 3 = 60 degrees


What color options are available for the 2010 VISTA?

Available colors: Alex (orange), Carlin (green), Denny (red), Jake (black), Mica (silver), Maya (yellow).


Why does my stroller have a born on date of 2009 if I ordered a 2010?

Many of our 2010 models were manufactured in 2009 in order to meet our January 2010 launch time.  You can verify that your stroller is a 2010 model by checking the sku number located just above the born on date. 2010 models have a sku number of 0056.


What is the difference between the Maya Special Edition VISTA and the other VISTA models?

The Maya Special Edition VISTA is part of our fashion collection and features a graphite-colored frame and maize yellow fabric kit. From a technical perspective the Maya is the same as the other 2010 VISTAs.


How do I adjust the harness straps on my VISTA?

To adjust the harness straps on the seat you must remove the rectangular velcro cover on each strap. Under the cover there is a square metal clip with a break at the top. Move the strap fabric to the side to see the break. Slide the clip out and move the straps to the desired level.


Do I have to take the seat off to fold my VISTA stroller?

No! The UPPAbaby VISTA can be folded WITH the seat still attached! The seat must be front facing and in the number one seat position to fold easily.


Can my child face both directions in his/her VISTA?

Yes! The VISTA seat can be front or rear facing and easily snaps in and out for quick, convenient conversion.


What makes the UPPAbaby VISTA wheels so special?

UPPAbaby borrows from the latest in high performance athletic shoe technology to create all terrain wheels that never go flat! Rubber-coated, EVA foam tires create a unique system that replaces pressurized air with foam to prevent punctures and untimely flats. Now there's no need to carry a pump and you and your stroller will always be ready to go!  


At what age can I begin to use the VISTA for my child? (What is the age limit or weight capacity for the VISTA?)

Bassinet: The VISTA’s bassinet is appropriate for an infant from birth to 20 lbs. or until the child is able to lift him or herself up. 


Toddler Seat: A parent can begin to use the toddler seat from birth as well if they choose to. The VISTA toddler seat is safe for children weighing up to 50lbs.


How do I set up use my bassinet?

When you first open your bassinet, you must go underneath the fabric lining and pull the metal bars into the black plastic snaps to lock it into place. The bassinet is self-standing and can be used as a primary sleeper. When the baby is in the bassinet it should be kept on a flat surface, or used with our bassinet stand or stroller frame.


What infant car seat adapters are available for the VISTA?

The VISTA is compatible with Graco (SnugRide, SafeSeat, Snugride32 and SnugRide 35), Peg Perego (Primo Viaggio and Primo Viaggio SIP), and Chicco (Keyfit) car seats.


What if I want to use the RumbleSeat but I don't have a 2010 or 2009 VISTA?

If you are looking to use the RumbleSeat on a 2006, 2007, or 2008 VISTA model, check out our Retro-Fit Frame Program under our RumbleSeat product page. We will be upgrading frames for customers, with four different options to choose from. Click here to view our Retro-Fit Frame Program details.


Does the VISTA come with a cup holder?

No, the VISTA Cup Holder is a separate accessory that will fit on all VISTAs with a born on date of September 2007 or later. The VISTA Cup Holder is available for purchase at our retailers or on the UPPAbaby website. All VISTA models with a born date earlier than 2007 are compatible with several universal cup holder accessories including the Liquid Holster, Valco, and Carry You products.


What are the fabrics used on the VISTA?

1680 Polyester and 600D Nylon fabrics are used for the VISTA toddler seat and bassinet. The bassinet is lined with an all-natural blend of cotton and organic soybean fiber.


How do I wash/clean the fabrics on my VISTA?

The VISTA fabrics are machine washable. Keep plastic seat insert inside fabric along with harness belts attached to fabric. To wash the canopy, remove the metal and plastic frame that run the width of the fabric (you will need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove).Wash in delicate cycle in a front loader (not a top loader) or hand wash. Hang dry.


What are the VISTA weights and dimensions?


VISTA Dimensions:

Unfolded: 25”w x 44”h x 35”l

Folded with seat attached: 25”w x 18”h x 32”l

Folded without seat attached: 25”w x 12”h x 32”l

Bassinet dimensions:

  • 27.5” l x 17.5”w x 28”h Maximum child length:
  • 25” (63cm) Maximum child weight: 20lbs (9kg)

Handlebar width: 18” across

VISTA box dimensions: 22”w x 18”h x 32.75”l


VISTA True Weight [includes canopy + basket):

Frame + Seat: 25.45 pounds

Frame Only: 18.6 pounds

Seat: 6.85 pounds


Bassinet: 9.45 pounds



How do I open and close the G-LUXE/G-LiTE?

Opening the stroller: First, tilt the stroller back on its rear wheels. Unhook the latch found on the left side of the stroller and allow the front wheels to fall forward. It is very important to use your upper arm strength and pull up on the handlebars while your foot is resting on the foot pedal. (Just pressing on the food pedal will not do the trick.) Before you place your child in the seat please make certain that the small rectangular silver tabs pop out of the lower part of the frame. If this is not the case the stroller will collapse.


Closing the stroller: To fold the stroller, use your thumb to lift up the silver tab located on the right handle. Once the tab is lifted out of the way, simultaneously use your index finger to pull the black triggers towards you releasing the lock system. Pull up the front wheels towards the handlebar and into a standing position. Ensure the latch locks into place. The stroller will conveniently stand upright. (Note: Do not push the handlebar forward to close as this may bend the stand.)


What are the new features on the 2010 G-LUXE?


  • Lockable front wheels for added stability
  • Extended SPF 50 canopy for more sun coverage

What colors are available for the G-LUXE and G-LiTE?

The G-LUXE is available in: Denny (red), Jake (black), Harrison (navy), Maddy (green)


The G-LiTE is available in: Denny (red), Jake (black), Brooke (royal blue), Caleigh (lime green)


What are the age and weight limits for the G-LUXE and G-LiTE strollers?

The G-LUXE stroller is suitable for babies from 3 months up to 40lbs.

The G-LiTE stroller is suitable for babies from 6 months up to 40lbs. The reason that the suitable age for the G-LUXE is younger than the G-LiTE is because the G-LUXE can recline and accommodate a baby who cannot yet sit up.


What is the difference between the G-LiTE and the G-LUXE?


The new G-LUXE is the lightest full-size umbrella stroller with recline. The reclining feature adds to your child's comfort level while the lightweight and easy-to-carry style adds to a parent's comfort level for those everyday errands or busy travel days.



Are UPPAbaby strollers and products certified?

UPPAbaby products are certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association). All UPPA strollers and products are tested to the following industry standards:

  • ASTM F 833-07 Standards for Carriages and Strollers
  • 16 CFR 1303 Lead content in surface coatings
  • CPSIA 2008 Improvement Act (Ban on Lead in substrates, Ban on Phthalates)
  • ASTM F2194-07 Bassinet Standards
  • CARB ATCM (California) Formaldehyde emission levels

What is the best way to care for my UPPAbaby Stroller?

Please give your stroller some love periodically by spraying WD40 in the joints. Sand and debris can get caught in the joints and contribute to stroller malfunction.


The VISTA and G-Series fabrics are machine washable. Keep plastic insert inside fabric along with harness belts still on fabric. Wash in delicate cycle in a front loader (not a top loader) or hand wash. Hang dry.


For all other products, please find detailed instructions on the washing label on the product.


How long is my UPPAbaby warranty valid and what does it cover?

Your UPPAbaby item is warranted to be free from any manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase under normal use and in compliance with the operating instructions.  

How can I make a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim in the USA, either email our Customer Service department or call 339.499.7455.